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scissors, measure tape on a t-shirt

Custom Cut

Looking for a specific fit t-shirt for your private label? We can help make a custom cut t-shirt to your exact specifications. All we need is a sample shirt from you so we can take it apart and reconstruct your private label exactly the way that you want it.

PMS Colors

Custom Color

Pick a color, any color. If you thought there were a lot of colors in your crayon box, trust us when we say that we have many more than that to choose from. Now, instead of trying to find a t-shirt in the right color to match a specific design, you can choose the best custom color to complement your design in your own private label.

White spotted shirt with specialty wash

Specialty Washes

Do you want to add even more pizazz to your custom private label? Incorporate a specialty wash. Each specialty wash has its own unique quality that transforms an ordinary t-shirt into something even more spectacular. Try the enzyme wash (it leaves a softer, more supple garment) or try a mineral wash, tie dye, or any of the other specialty washes we offer. If you want to see samples or have any questions let us know.

Grinding on shirt


Grinding is a unique add-on to a private label; it intensifies a grunge style t-shirt design and ultimately fast-forwards to a worn-in look without having to wait years to break in the shirt. It can be added to three areas: the sleeves, the hem, and the neck. Pick one area to grungify or do all three!

Screen Printing

A traditional way to customize apparel? Not quite.


Thousands of thread colors, infinite possibilities.

Heat Transer

No stitches + no ink = no worries + no problems.

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