Illustrator Guidlines to Screen Printing
Advance Guidelines

Guides to Happiness

Before preparing your artwork read over and please follow these guidelines before submitting the file. These are all very important in order to ensure that we get the sizing and the details that you anticipate.

  1. We only accept these file formats: Adobe Illustrator (*.ai), Encapsulated Post Script (*.eps), Portable Document Format (*.pdf) and Adobe Photoshop (*.psd) – leave it in layers, Tagged Image Format (*.tif), and Joint Photographic Experts Group (*.jpeg)!
  2. Convert all fonts to outlines in order to ensure that we can properly view your art.
  3. Save final design size to 300dpi in psd, tif and jpeg images.
  4. Detail information for the placement of your design on the garment. Use the example on this page as a reference.

Click the icon below to see an example of a file in each format.

photoshop iconillustrator icon