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If you’ve already got a good idea about what you want and what Krillan can do to make it happen, the next step is to contact us to get a quote. Our quotes are based on the quantity, colors, designs, techniques, and style of clothing that you decide to use, so the more specific information you’re able to give us, the more accurate and efficient we are able to be.

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We will be in contact with you within 24 hours to begin the process of getting you into the most amazing custom clothing you will ever wear.


We have an incredibly large number of pre-made templates and designs ready to go and waiting for your personalization.

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We wish we could outfit the world in amazing custom apparel for free, but we have bills to pay, too!

The Order Process

Here is a broad spectrum of the process to follow in order to complete your order with ease.


Size, color, and placement does matter – it affects the price and the end product. Follow our artwork specifications to assure the best quality results.


Even though we offer our own brand of custom-cut, high-quality t-shirts, we also offer a large selection of popular brands you can choose from.


When you complete your research, have the garments selected, the art chosen, and know your quantities and sizes, send us the info and we’ll let you know the total.


After we receive all the information needed, we will send you a form for your final approval. Then, relax! We will do the rest.


Now for our favorite part! We get to take your ideas and make them come to life. Our production experts will be busy embroidering, printing, folding, and sorting your awesome customized apparel.


Once we have the garments and the approval form, we guarantee a 7-10 day turnaround. We will notify you when the order is complete, and once we receive the final payment we will release your order for shipment.

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